2 in 1 Arcade Pack
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Bubble X Slice: Help the little sea creatures break free from the bubbles! Slice each bubble to pop it and release each one. But beware! Not all the creatues you see are friendly and there are dangers lurking in the sea!
Gigajump: This is a jumping game of gigantic proportions! Fire the mad inventor, Justin the beaver, off on a crazy jumping journey. Collect coins and special inventions along the way to help him reach even higher!
Розробник: Inlogic Software
Категорія: Action, Adventure
Завантажений: 3327 раз(и)
Доданий: 08.11.2014 (23:44)
Останнє завантаження: 26.02.2021 (23:59)
Рейтинг: 802/718

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