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¤ Night ¤
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As d day turns into night

Keep ur worries out of sight
Close ur eyes n go to sleep
All d gud times r urs to keep

Gud night

Row. Row.. Row...
Ur boat gentle down d stream...
Merily. Merily.. Merily...
Hav d sweetest dream...
Good. Good.. Good night...

Mornins make us tense
Aftanoons make us tired
Evenins make us engage
Nly nyts make us rest
So close ur eyes n njoy ur drm

Place a teaspoon of sugar into each eye
To have a sweet dream

If you want a hot dream
Try chilli powder

;) Goodnight

On dis luvly nyt
I wish
D moon to lighten up ur lyf
D stars to guide u along d way n
D wind to blow away ur stress

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