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Browser Toggle
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Browser Toggle simply starts one of your preselected Browsers depending on the kind of your current connection (WiFi or Mobile).After install you will have 2 new icons in your app launcher. One for settings and one for launching the browser.
Further features:
* clearing of the default browser
* setting of the default browser
* Dark Holo theme for ICS
* Locale for EN, DE, HU
* Android 2.1 +
How to use it?
1.) Start "BrT Settings"
2.) Select a browser for mobile connections which uses compression technology to reduce data costs (I suggest Opera mini or mobile)
3.) Select a browser for WiFi connections.
4.) Clear the default browser if any was selected....
5.) Select "Browser Toggle" for your default browser.
Now if any of your apps tries to start a browser, Browser Toggle will decide which your preselected browser should be started.


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Browser Toggle 0.7 Обновление


First release.

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