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Happy Doodle Jump - Jump With Animals
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Happy doodle jump with animals is the best level-wise game. First, ten stages with bunny collect the carrots and reach onto the top tile where bunny raises the flags. Once the rabbit raises the flags, then ten stages of the bear are unlocked automatically. After clear ten stages with the bear, there are ten more stages with the monkey who collect bananas and so on. This one is an addictive and impressive game because each scene is harder than the previous one. I hope you like this jump with animals in hundreds of jumping games.

How high would you be able to get?

Excursion up a sheet of chart paper, unendingly bouncing starting with one stage then onto the next, getting nouris...hments, keeping away from Sharp dark-colored pictures, and shooting baddies with nose balls en route. Chuckle with enchanting as you blow past other players' useful score markers jotted in the edges. What's more, be cautioned: this game is madly addictive!

• Free of coast no in-application buy.
• Trippy deterrents to stay away from (UFOs, Brown sharp edges, and many, numerous immense beasts)
• Mad stages of hopping on (Broken, moving, vanishing, moving, EXPLODING… )
• NEW! - 30 missions to finish for remunerations

How to play:
* Tilt to shift left or right, tap the screen to play.
* Collect player food as much as you can
* Reach on the top tile to clear the stage.


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