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Triples is very similar to the classic card game Set, except you don & apos; t need to carry a deck of special cards with you everywhere! The rules of the game are very simple: find triples of three cards where each property is either the same for all three cards or different for all three cards.There are two game modes available:
- Classic: go through the entire deck
- Arcade: find as many in one minute
Extra care has been taken to provide a simple, beautiful and fluid experience.
The game currently features timekeeping and records of all previous games as well an interactive description of the rules.
Now with Google Play Games leaderboards which allow you to compete against your friends and the rest of the world!

Що нового:

Triples 1.3 Оновлення


- New Arcade mode for quick play.

- New combined statistics / past games list tab
- Google Play Games integration. Global fastest times and compare against your circles!

- Fix for a bug that did not allow play immediately after starting a new game.

- Settings for Orientation Lock & Screen Lock!
- Statistics
- Fixed Pause behaviour
- Halved Application size

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