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I dnt no y d sky is blu or how dreams cum tru. I dnt no y things happen d way day do but i do no dat i mus b blesed to hav a friend lyk u.

Friendship is:
Wen u had a huge fight bt decide to put aside ur egos n giv a warm smile to each otha n say:
Atleast 2 Fight!

If U say:
Nobody Luvs U!
Nobody Fights 4U!
Nobody Cares abt U!
Nobody evn Misses U!
Den I'll change My name to "NOBODY".

Da greatest gift u can giv to sum1 is your time. Bcoz wen u giv sum1 ur tym ur givin dem a portion of lyf dat u neva get bak. Friends 4lyf.

happy moments-dont forget me
difficult moments-trust me
quiet moments-cal me
painful moments-talk to me
every moment-rememba me

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